Rana Daggubati on Jai Bhim not winning National Award

When actors were criticising one another and Pushpa won the National Award for Allu Arjun’s acting, a journalist asked why receiving an award was seen as controversial. Jai Bhim, on the other hand, was a completely different story. Rana Daggubati responded, “Everyone has the right to their own opinion. I can like one movie, and you can like another movie. The same is true of artists.”

It’s not about the individual; that story ought to have garnered more accolades but didn’t. That is it. Not the reason for his award. That therefore cannot be. It never causes a stir; the most any celebrity does is tweet.Controversy means what you guys do. Doing articles, videos, and YouTube links with a base voice like mine and making it viral. Then it’s a controversy. But no, amongst us nothing is a controversy.”

She asked Rana additional questions regarding Balakrishna’s remarks on the event’s awards and Nani’s post about Jai Bhim. What did Nani do? the  actor continued. What makes it contentious? Your assumptions are all wrong. Completely. You and I both have a wide range of tastes. No one is eligible for the merit. Opinions are key in everything. There are opinions from everyone in this room. There is a saying in English, but I’m unable to use it at this time. Everyone is aware, I’m sure.