Kushi success: Vijay Deverakonda pledges to donate 1Cr to 100 families from his remuneration

On September 4, Vijay Deverakonda attended a celebration of Kushi in Visakhapatnam and declared he would give needy families money from his salary. He declared that he would give Rs 1 lakh to 100 families in order to help his fans spread the word about “Kushi.” The actor also added the list of the families will be released today.

He said, “You are happy and I am happy. I am thinking of something and I don’t know if I can pull it off or whether it’s right or wrong. But, if I don’t do it, I’ll be sleepless. To spread joy with you guys, I will donate Rs 1 crore from my ‘Kushi’ salary to 100 families. I shall select 100 families in need and present them with Rs 1 lakh cheque each in the next 10 days. My success, my happiness and my salary should be shared with you all.

The actor further added, “I will share a form on my social media page tomorrow. I still haven’t come up with a plan. I will name the form ‘Spreading Kushi’ or ‘Devera family’ and send it. If the money helps people to pay their rent or fees or anything, I’d be happy. We will have a success celebration for ‘Kushi’ in Hyderabad in the next 10 days. Before that, I will try and complete this and help 100 families. Once I complete this, I’d be able to enjoy the success truly.”