Kriti Sanon was scolded by her choreographer in front of 50 models at her first ramp show

Kriti Sanon began her showbiz career as a model before taking to the stage. However, she had a bad experience at her first fashion show. Her choreographer chastised her in front of 50 other models.

“My first ramp show, the choreographer, I have never worked with her again, she was very rude to me because I messed up the choreography,” the actor explained. It was at a farmhouse, and my heels were getting stuck in the grass for the first time. Terrible. I started crying because she was rudely scolding me in front of 50 models. I was holding it for a long time, but I cry every time someone yells at me.”

But Kriti refused to give up. She called herself “very competitive and ambitious.” Kriti is currently awaiting the release of her next film, Ganpath, in which she co-stars with Tiger Shroff. She will also appear in a ‘quirky romantic drama’ alongside Shahid Kapoor. She has recently begun filming for her first production, Do Patti.