Priyanka Chopra Reveals She Has Met Men ‘Who Were Insecure About Her Success”, Men Finds Pride Being The ‘Breadwinner’

Priyanka Chopra recently drew a lot of attention for her comments about Bollywood’s dark side and gender pay equality in the industry. She has always spoken her mind and has never been afraid to express herself.

Now, in a recent interaction as reported in DNA, Priyanka Chopra Jonas opened up about how she dealt with the people who have been insecure about her success. Talking about it, she shared, “Definitely, it (insecurity) still exists. Sorry to the men in the room, I have some incredible men in my life who are not insecure of my success. But I have also met men in my life who are very insecure of my success. I think men have enjoyed the freedom and pride of being breadwinners and leaders of the family. It’s threatening to their territory if a woman is more successful. Or if a man is staying at home and woman goes to work, he will feel bad.”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas continued the conversation, saying, “We have to teach our sons that there is no shame in crying.” There is no shame in crying or in sharing your feelings with your sister, mother, girlfriend, or wife and giving them the spotlight.”

She went on to say that her father gave her mother that space, and that her husband, Nick Jonas, now does the same. “My dad did that with my mother when my mom was getting into private practise and she was still in the military,” PeeCee explained. My mother began to earn more than my father, but they saw it as a unit because ghar pe hi to aa raha hai (everything is coming home). There was no ego present. That has happened in my home.”

Today, as I walk the red carpet with my husband and he steps aside to allow me to take centre stage, I am very proud that I have surrounded myself with people who do not share my insecurities. “As a society, we need to raise men who aren’t insecure about these things,” Priyanka added.