Internet’s obsession with who is Ileana D’Cruz’s baby daddy shows just how women are judged on daily basis

Yesterday, Ileana D’Cruz announced her pregnancy on Instagram.aturally, people commented on the fact that she was not in a known relationship or married.On a slow Tuesday morning, the internet exploded following Ileana D’Cruz’s Instagram post announcing her pregnancy.She’s expecting her first child. Almost immediately, there was rampant speculation about who Ileana’s baby daddy is (yes, that is a term used by many on social media), with some betting on her rumoured boyfriend (or ex) Sebastien Laurent Michel, who is actor Katrina Kaif’s brother.

While the buzz surrounding Ileana’s baby announcement was somewhat predictable (she is an actress), the judgement surrounding the identity of Ileana’s alleged father was not. You’d think that if a successful woman in Mumbai announced that she is expecting a child, people would understand that it is none of their business how that child was conceived. But this isn’t the world we live in.

The fact that Ileana has been so discrete about her journey to parenthood—all that is known publicly about it is that she wrote on Instagram, “Coming soon, can’t wait to meet you my little darling”—has been called into question by some social media users. This section is unable to address the fact that Ileana, an adult and independent woman, has announced she is expecting a child without the presence of a father. Due to Ileana’s silence regarding the conception of her unborn child, many people have made assumptions about the father’s identity and potential influence over the child’s life.