Manoj Bajpayee says that Sushant Singh Rajput was unable to handle the politics of stardom: “He told me about his difficulties”

In a recent interview, Manoj Bajpayee discussed nepotism and the loss of Sushant Singh Rajput. The National Award-winning actor is currently promoting his film Bandaa, in which he plays a lawyer defending a Godman in a rape case. Nepotism, according to Bajpayee, has always existed in the film industry and elsewhere.He also cautioned outsiders to not take this at heart and rather utilise their energy in polishing their craft.

The actor stated in an interview with Aaj Tak that he was never affected by nepotism because no star kid would do the type of films he does. “Nawaz karega, Irrfan hota toh woh karta ya Kaykay Menon karega.No one pays attention to or even wagers money on these films because they are not commercial productions. I must therefore add that you cannot continually use this as a justification. Spend your energy wisely. Do theatre; if you have good acting skills, you might even be able to make money by doing street performances.

He added that Sushant somewhere could not handle the politics and groupism in the industry. He added that as one grows in their career, the competition gets tougher, and there are issues at hand. “Industry mein politics humesha hota hai but it gets dirtier as you climb the ladder of success. I never had an issue as I was stubborn and thick-skinned. He wasn’t and thus could not manage the pressure. He had spoken to me about being worried about these things as it affected him.”

When the host raised the possibility that Sushant was a victim of nepotism, he dismissed it, stating that he desired a very different career for him. “There is no politics if you want to be Manoj Bajpayee.” But he aspired to be a star, and there is far too much competition. Anyone who enters the field with the intention of becoming a star will do everything in their power to secure that position. However, he was unable to bear the same. I realised he had a pure soul and was andar se baccha tha (a kid at heart). He couldn’t comprehend the required manipulation.”