Bheed: Pankaj Kapur Reacts to People For Labelling Anubhav Sinha’s Film On Lockdown As ‘Anti-National’

Actor Pankaj Kapur responded to claims of his upcoming film Bheed being ‘anti national’ after its teaser release. The Anubhav Sinha directorial will release on March 24.

Bheed has been the subject of controversy ever since its teaser and trailer were released online.Many people are jumping the gun and calling the work as ‘anti-national’.Given that the movie hasn’t yet been shown in theatres, this is obviously illogical. Even seasoned actor Pankaj Kapur has spoken out against those who are spreading unfavourable information about it. Read on to learn more.

Bheed is based on the Covid lockdown for the uninitiated. The director is Anubhav Sinha. A few days ago, the film’s teaser and trailer were released. Many believe that Anubhav is promoting his agenda through his upcoming film by criticising the current government at the expense of India’s reputation because he is known for voicing opinions that aren’t in line with the ideology of the party in power.

Pankaj Kapur said, “It’s ridiculous that one small teaser… And you start saying it’s a political film. It’s an analytical film that talks about the mindset of our society, how we think, how we reflect to a given situation! Very few films have shown authorities in a positive sense, the way this film has shown.”

Pankaj Kapur supported Anubhav Sinha because, in his opinion, everything in Bheed is presented in a fair and balanced manner, and one should watch it before expressing opinions. “Once you watch the movie, you’ll see that it was handled differently. This has been used by him (Sinha) as an idea that already existed, but the movie also includes another idea. Which, when you see, will convince you that, at the end of the day, people are all the same,” the veteran actor said.