Shakun Batra Looks Back At The Mistakes Of Gehraiyaan, Says “I Would Change It For Creative Reasons, Not For Numbers

Shakun Batra Addresses Negativity Around Deepika Padukone Led Gehraiyaan


Shakun Batra is known for making films that depict various layers of human emotions and internal struggles. The director began his career with Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu in 2012 and directed Kapoor & Sons in 2016. Gehraiyaan, his most recent film, was released in 2022 to mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Shakun recently reflected on the film and admitted that there were a few things he would have done differently.

Gehraiyaan starred Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa in leading roles. The film shed light on complicated relationships, greed, lies and betrayal.

Shakun Batra made a bold move by releasing the multi-starrer film on an OTT platform. During a recent interview with Indian Express, the director stated that releasing the film in theatres would not have changed the negative reviews it received. While he did not regret this decision, he did regret the marketing strategies associated with the film. “I mean, it went to OTT, so there is no box office attached, but I would change it for creative reasons, not numbers,” he explained.

Gehraiyaan  had multiple twists in its plot. While the bold scenes highlighted Deepika and Sidhant’s chemistry, they seemed rather abrupt. What started as a complicated love story slowly became a crime drama. While talking about it, Shakun Batra said, “It was perceived as a certain kind of film and then it surprised people in not such a good way. I would prepare the audience differently, but at the same time tell the story differently, starting from the very beginning. So that when they arrive at the surprise, they would be a little more in for it, prepared for it.”

He said, “As a filmmaker, I have to embrace whatever a story becomes. I have to first ask myself some questions: Did I do everything that I wanted to do with it? Did I put my heart? And if I didn’t make the film for the wrong reasons. Then I have to accept the views in totality.”

Shakun Batra added, “I can’t be like those who have written good things about the film are right people, those who have written bad things are wrong. I have to accept that a film is capable enough of creating both these reactions.”