Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden say their understanding of each other made work easier on Citadel

The much-awaited spy thriller Citadel released its trailer on Monday night. The Russo Brothers series, starring Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden, will debut on Prime Video on April 28. The main actors, the show’s creators, and showrunner David Weil engaged in virtual conversations with selected global media to talk about the show and their experiences working together.

Priyanka stated that Citadel has a lot of depth, complexity, and “duality for every character” when discussing it. Since Citadel has been in development for such a long time, she continued, everything is just conceptualised as “crazy” and it’s exciting to be able to share the trailer with everyone.The actor also lauded her co-star Richard Madden saying she ‘loved working’ with him. She added that they had a ‘great time together’ and their ‘understanding of each other’ helped them sail through this ‘ambitious show’.

Richard Madden, on his part, said that the show has an ample dose of action and drama. He said, “I think that’s what we’ve managed to pull off because in the middle of these huge sequences with explosions and cars blowing up and all of that, we have this really kind of intimate drama between these two characters and how they dance together. So, for me, that’s what was so exciting about these huge action pieces… was that they are infused with heart and drama and storytelling. We get to see a lot about these characters, and how they physically interact, not just great action sequences but there’s drama at the heart of each one of them.”