Shreya Goshal to sing lullabies now

“Motherhood is among the most precious gifts a woman can cherish.”

Shreya Goshal, one of the most admired and popular artists of her time, recently announced on social media about her pregnancy. The artist who sang multiple hit songs like Deewani Mastani, Ghoomar, Tare Ginn, and more is expecting her first child with the entrepreneur Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya as of the latest news.

The famed singer also states that her husband has been extremely supportive by taking care of her and helping her through her cravings and mood swings as well. She also admits that it’s all very new to them and she is equally excited as she is nervous.
Shreya says that she is over the moon about this news and that she is grateful to become a mother. She says “Motherhood is among the most precious gifts a woman can cherish.”

Shreya also states that they haven’t finalized on a name yet and that they are considering many options, asking family and friends for suggestions. She has also given an opportunity for her fans to come up with unique names for the baby.
She also says that her whole family, mom, dad, brother, and in-laws have been very supportive and loving and she is thankful for this wonderful period in her life.