Bigg Boss Malayalam S5 : Mohanlal promises a more exciting ORIGINAL and challenging edition

Bigg Boss Malayalam’s new season is almost here! A promo for the fifth season of the reality show has been released, and Mohanlal will host the show for the fifth time.In the new teaser, the actor says that the upcoming season will be all the more original.

In the promo, a group of young female fans ask Mohanlal about the upcoming season while posing for a selfie with the star. They bug him for the contestants’ names. “Will there be another angry doctor (Dr Robin featured last season) this season?” a girl asks. “What else do you want to know?” quips Mohanlal, adding that the upcoming season will feature original contestants.He asks the girls to wait and see. At the end of the promo, Mohanlal says after every season, Bigg Boss is becoming more exciting and challenging, and it will continue to be so.So far, only the logo of the fifth season has been unveiled. While the last season’s logo was vibrant, this season the same eye logo has returned in a golden shade.

We hear that actors Bala, Sreenath Bhasi, and serial actor Shiju Abdul Rasheed as the almost-finalist contestants for season 5. In addition, Miss Kerala 2014 winner, actress Gayathri R Suresh, who has done a couple of films, Jishin Mohan, Beena Antony, Omar Lulu, and Aarti Krishna are also rumoured to be the contestants.