Shruti Haasan lands up in controversy regarding her opinion to avoid shooting snow dance sequences

Shruti Haasan, known for her role in the Chiranjeevi-starrer ‘Waltair Veerayya’, has recently appealed to all filmmakers. The actress, who was last seen dancing to the song Sridevi Chiranjeevi amidst a snow-covered mountain, has expressed her difficulty with such scenes. She earnestly requested filmmakers to refrain from including such scenes in their movies.
The video snippet of Shruti Haasan’s interview discussing her struggles with dancing in the snow has become popular on social media .Shruti has reacted  to the same saying her statements were taken out of context and people shouldn’t try adding two and two and jump to conclusions. 

During her attempt to tackle the issue, the actress expressed her dislike towards dancing in the snow, citing its difficulty and the fact that the hero is usually allowed to wear a jacket while the actresses are not given any warm clothing options such as jackets, coats, or shawls. She emphasized that they are expected to wear only a blouse and saree in the snow. As a result, she intends to create a petition to urge people to stop this practice, having recently done it herself in one song.
In addition, the video concludes with the Sridevi Chiranjeevi song, featuring a snow-capped mountain in the background. Shruti is dressed in a white and blue saree paired with a sleeveless blouse, while Chiranjeevi sports a t-shirt, denim, blazer, and shoes.