Jawan: Shah Rukh Khan’s Flawless Performance Came After Acting Lessons From Vijay Sethupathi

SRK’s co-star recently praised him and thanked him for accepting the role. Bhutanese actor Sangay Tsheltrim recently discussed the subject in depth, revealing how it felt to work with the superstar for the first time.

Few people know that Sangay rose to fame after serving in the Royal Bhutan Army. When asked about his first meeting with SRK, he said he was moved to tears when he told him, “Thank you for accepting the role.” In the same interview, he spilled the beans on Vijay giving SRK acting lessons, which he gladly incorporated.

“I’ve seen Vijay Sethupathi suggesting some scenes to sir, and he took that,” he continued, referring to seeing Vijay give some suggestions to Shah Rukh Khan about his performances. Sir, I’ve noticed, will teach you what he knows and will learn what he doesn’t know from others who know more than him. Sir has one good quality that I noticed. This is something I will always remember, and I will be open to learning from anyone. There is no minimum age or experience required to learn. You can learn from other actors no matter how experienced or senior you are. So, sir, this is what I like about Shah Rukh.”