‘Arikomban’ shooting to start in October; Will be filmed in Sri Lanka and Chinnakanal

The shooting of Arikomban, which has been enthusiastically received by the audience since the title was announced, will begin in October this year. Arikomban’s life will be depicted in Sri Lanka’s famous ‘Sigiriya Rock Fortress’ and Idukki Chinnakanaal, where he was forced to relocate from his abode due to legal provisions.Produced under the banner of Badusha Cinemas and Pen and Paper Creations, the film is directed by Sajid Yahiya. Arikomban’s story is by Suhail M Koya.

“The pre-production work has started. The script is almost done. The story of few other elephants is also being documented as part of the film. A team has been assigned for it. Its works are in progress. ‘Arikomban’ will arrive as a proper movie. A section is planned to be filmed now. It will start next month. Like recent release 2018 the film is expected to receive a lot of acceptance. As well as the impact of making a film out of a real life situation is huge. We are working on it.” says director Sajid Yahiya.

The film is produced by N.M Badusha, Shinoy Mathew, Rajan Chirail, Manju Badusha, Neethu Shinoy and Prijin JP. The casting too is progressing of the film, which tells an eventful story of Arikomban, the tusker who lost his mother at the age of two.The crew behind Arikompan are Sharon Srinivas, Priyadarshini, Amal Manoj, Prakash Alex, Vimal Nassar, Nihal Sadiq, Anees Natodi, Narasimha Swamy, Vijith, Asif Kuttipuram, Abu Valayamkulam and Magguffin. P.R.O Pratish Shekhar.