Salman Khan wants OTT censorship: ‘Vulgarity, nudity….should stop’

At a recent event, Salman Khan made some controversial remarks about OTT content, urging filmmakers to create “clean content.” The Bollywood actor demanded that digital platforms be censored and warned filmmakers not to go too far.

“I really think there should be censorship on the medium (OTT). All these… vulgarity, nudity, gaali galauch (swearing) should stop. Kids as young as 15 or 16-year-old can watch them all. Would you like it if your young daughter watches it? I just think the content on OTT should be checked. Jitna clean hoga content, utna behtar hoga, viewership uski zyada hogi (the cleaner the content, the better it will be. It will also have a better viewership),” said Salman Khan at the event.

On the security risks it poses to artists, Salman added, “You have done it all – love making, kissing and exposing scenes. And when you enter your building, your watchman has also watched your work. I just don’t think that is right for security reasons. We don’t need to do that… Hindustan mein rehte hai, thoda boht theek hai lekin itna zyada beech mein ho gya tha. Ab jake thoda control mein aya hai (You don’t need to cross the boundary.We are Indians. It was far too much before it was finally curtailed). People have now begun to work on a large amount of good and decent content.”

Salman is known for abstaining from screen physical romance He doesn’t engage in much intimacy in his movies and has a strict no-kissing rule