Kangana Ranaut says Aamir Khan was her best friend before her case against Hrithik Roshan

Taking to Instagram Stories, Kangana Ranaut reflected on how Aamir Khan used to be her “best friend” before he revealed his allegiances and backed Hrithik Roshan.On the Satyamev Jayate set, Kangana Ranaut reacted to an old conversation with Aamir Khan and recalled how she once thought of the actor as her “best friend” in the business, but that is no longer the case. Kangana also explained why she believes this change occurred, including the fact that Aamir made it clear that he supported Hrithik Roshan during her highly-publicized legal dispute with the actor.

On Tuesday, Kangana took to Instagram Stories to share a video from her fan page, in which she was seen with Aamir Khan in an episode of Satyamev Jayate.  She put a caption talking about the time she considered Aamir Khan her ‘best friend.’ Kanagan wrote, “Actually mujhe bhi kabhi kabhi woh din yaad aate hain jab Aamir sir was my best friend… jaane kahan gaye woh din (Sometimes I recall the time when Aamir Sir was my best friend… I don’t know where those days have gone). Kangana further talked about the legal battle between her and Hrithik Roshan. She further wrote, “One thing is for sure that he has mentored me, appreciated me, and shaped a lot of my choices, before Hrithik did that legal case on me. Post that they made their loyalties clear – it was one woman against entire industry.”

Kangana and Hrithik had a public spat after she mentioned her’silly ex’ in an interview. Following that, the two exchanged legal notices. Kangana had tweeted in 2020, when Hrithik Roshan’s FIR against her was transferred from the Cyber Cell to the Crime Intelligence Unit, that Hrithik should ‘ move on’.