Ayushmann Khurrana lovingly chides Ranbir Kapoor for marrying Alia Bhatt in new Dream Girl 2 teaser

The new teaser for Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl 2, featuring Ranbir Kapoor is out.

Dream Girl, starring Ayushmann Khurrana, is back. In a recent teaser clip for the anticipated 2019 sequel, the actor plays the alluring Pooja on the phone while speaking in a dulcet tone. We catch a glimpse of a decked-out Ayushmann wearing a vibrant lehenga and a backless blouse. He answers the phone, and appears to be having a rather flirtatious banter with none other than Ranbir Kapoor.

Ayushmann picks up the phone and says, “Hello main Pooja bol rahi hu. Aap kaun (Hello I am Pooja, who is this)?” The person responds, “Tumne meri awaaz nahi pehchaani (you did not recognise my voice)?” After realising that it is Ranbir on the other side, he calls him ‘jhooti and makkaar’ for promising to marry him and then committing to ‘Aaila’ instead. At this point, what is supposed to be Alia Bhatt’s voice cuts in saying, “Kaun hai RK? Kisse baat kar rahe ho tum (Who is it RK? Who are you talking to)?” Ranbir answers, “Bhatinde waali bua.”

Ayushmann then refers to Ranbir’s upcoming film and says, “Jhoote, makkaar mil kab rahe ho (Liar, fraud, when are you meeting me).” Ranbir answers that he is coming on Holi to put colours on Pooja. Ranbir’s film Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar released today on the occasion of Holi. Ayushmann says, “Aur main 7 July ko aarahi hu. Apna rang dikhane (And I am coming on July 7 to show my colours).” In the previous promo, Ayushmann’s Pooja was talking to an actor sounding like Shah Rukh Khan, which was ahead of Pathaan’s release.