The best of Gautham Menon

Gautham Vasudev Menon is a filmmaker who has carved his own space in the Tamil film industry with his signature films.
A master in portraying strong and emotional romantic relationships and action packed police stories, his films are noted for its technical fineness, unconventional story lines and the usage of rich musical sores.
A director who is regarded as a contemporary legend and someone who has a cult following among the cinephiles across South India, here we bring to you some of the most celebrated movies in his career.

1. Vaaranam Aayiram

Even though not a commercial success during its time of release, this Suriya starrer, in which he did the double roles of a son and his inspirational father, is now being considered as a modern masterpiece in Tamil cinema. The movie that explores an adorable father-son relation also is popular among the film goers for its rich content, popular songs and memorable romantic sequences.

2. Khaakha Khaakha

A movie that catapulted Suriya to stardom, this unusual cop story is noted for its deft story line, packed action sequences and the memorable combo of Suriya and Jyothika. Such was the impact of this movie that many youngsters of the time, after watching it, took to IPS profession and became real life police officers.

3. Vettayaadu Vilayadu

This action drama starring kamal Hassan in the lead, is another gem of a film from Gautham Menon. The movie which was controversial at the time of its release for its portrayal of violence, has a huge following among the South Indian movie goers, even after more than 10 years of its release. Also noted are the strong performances of kamal Hassan, Prakash Raj, Jyothika and Salim Baig(who appeared as the main antagonist)

4. Minnale

This is the directorial debut of Gautham Menon. A romantic drama that tells the tale of a group of youngsters, this movie cemented Madhavan’s position in the Tamil film industry as a bankable young star, while it successfully kick started the careers of Gautham Menon and music director Harris Jayaraj.

5. Vinaythaandi Varuvaya

Often regarded as a modem classic in Tamil cinema, this romantic drama is the most critically acclaimed movie of Gautham Menon. This simple and realistic portrayal of an intense and strained relationship between an aspiring filmmaker(Shimbu) and his attractive and bold Malayali neighbor (Trisha) is noted for its detailed screenplay, rich musical scores of AR Rahman and strong performances from the lead pair of Shimbu and Trisha.