Best of Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is without doubt one of the most influential and successful filmmaker in the history of cinema. Over a career spanning over three decades, he has directed all kind of movies from science fictions to period dramas to biographies. Its also noteworthy that most of his films, apart from being critically acclaimed, has also been international blockbusters.
Once more at at a time when his latest movie The Post ha been selected for the Oscar award nomination in the best picture category we present before you the auteur’s best movies ever

1. Jaws

This 1975 thriller, regarded as the first commercial blockbuster of Spielberg is a movie that changed the course of American cinema forever, by initiating a category of films that came to be known as ‘Summer blockbusters’. This movie i also considered as one of the greatest movie of all time and garner considerable amount of viewers even today.

2. ET
This film which was also co-produced by Spielberg,was an immediate blockbuster during the time of its release, is also regarded as the most popular science fiction movies in the history of cinema.

3. Lincoln

This biopic on one of the most popular US president, Abraham Lincoln, was made in the later part of Spielberg’s career. The movie that dealt with the 13th amendment that contained the abolition of slavery and the struggles that Lincoln faced to pass it in the US parliament, shows the last five months of Lincoln’s life with much historical accuracy. The movie that won many accolades worldwide is also one of the most artistically fulfilled movie of Spielberg.

4. Catch Me If You Can

This movie starring Leonardo dcaprio, based on a real life story of one of the most popular con artist in American history, Frank Abagnale, shows us the directorial brilliance of Spielberg that makes this biopic breezily entertaining, surprisingly sweet and enormously stylish, all at the same time.

5. Schindler’s List

This movie that shows us the terrors of the world war two, is the most critically acclaimed movie in the career of Spielberg. Often regarded as one of the greatest movie ever made in the history of cinema,the period drama shot in black and white was seen by many world leaders across the globe who appreciated Spielberg for creating such an astounding piece of art that showed the terrors and hardships suffered by people in the world war with such an impact. This dramatic masterpiece was also the recipient of seven Oscar awards, including the best director award for Spielberg.