1. Alfred Hitchcok’s PSYCHO was the first movie in the history of cinema to show a flushing toilet!
2. The director of the movie Drive(a movie that showed the lilfe of a Hollywood Stunt Driver) is a person who has failed in his driver’s license test 8 times!!!!!!
3. Will Smith’s favorite novel is ‘The Alchemist’ written by Paulo Coelho!
4.The 2003 movie ‘The Lord Of The Rings-The Return Of The King’ was nominated for 11 Oscar awards out of which it won all the 11!!!!!
5.Quentin Tarantino has used the word ‘Nigger'(a term used to call the Black people in a disrespectful manner) 113 TIMES  in the film DJANCHO UNCHAINED with ought a single cut in the movie!!!. Thanks to the American film censor board(and wondering if Tarantino was born in India:D)
6. For the movie SAVING PRIVATE RYAN(an epic war drama set in the World War-2) Steven Spielberg choose to give military training to all the lead actors of the movie to acquire the kind of perfection that he wanted!!!
7. Hollywood film industry only produces half the number of movies produced by Bollywood every year!
8. CASINO ROYALE was the first James Bond movie approved by Chinese censor Board!!!
9. 1400 actresses where interviewed by director Victor Fleming to play the character of Scarlet o’hara(one of the most celebrated female character in World Cinema) in his 1940 Hollywood classic ‘Gone With The Wind!’
10. The budget of the movie Titanic was more than that of the actual Titanic ship that sank!!!!