1. ‘Nirmala,, released in 1948 was the first Malayalam movie to explore the possibility of music and songs in cinema.The movie was directed by PJ Cheriyan.
2. ‘Jeevitha Nouka’ released in 1951 is considered as the first box office ‘super hit’ of Malayalam Cinema whereas Thikkurussy Sukumaran Nayar  is termed as Mollywood’s first superstar.
3. Neelakuyil, starring legendary actor Sathyan was the first Malayalam Movie to be shot outdoors. The movie was directed by the duo of P.Bhaskaran and Ramu Kariat.
4.. ‘Kandam Bacha Coat’ is the first full length color film in Malayalam.
5.  Marthandavarma, the second film in Molly wood was the first novel adaptation in Malayalam Cinema that eventually fell into a copyright battle!